Friday, May 6, 2011

A Different Direction

Hello Lovely Readers,

After much contemplation, I've decided I will be be changing things up a bit on my blog. What Lola Wants is currently fashion centric, but from now on it will be more of a personal blog-but not in a TMI sort of way :)

My upcoming posts will focus on family, friends, music, art, and..... fashion. Yes, you will still see my posing with my hand on my hip from time to time, just not on as regular a basis.

I love all my fashoinista blogger friends, I think they are amazing and read their posts daily. But for me personally, I want to change it up a bit. I hope you will stick around to partake in some life nuggets with me.



  1. Yeah!

    You posting reminds me to post. :) I still need to take a picture for my blog and get it up!

  2. I like non-fashion posts just as much as fashion related ones.


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