Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring Dreaming

It has been snowing for the past two days here in Tennessee, and though the snow is gorgeous, my mind is drifting towards Spring.

Spring is my favorite season. Everything feels bright and new, and you actually get to see the color GREEN again! Living in North Florida for so many years, I took the sunshine and color for granted. Now that the state I live on has actual seasons, I am experiencing a bit of the Winter blahs. So.....I became curious on what is on the horizon for Spring fashion-wise.

There is a wide variety of looks to lust after this Spring. It looks like the main trends are Minimalism, Bold Prints, and the 70s. Here are some of my faves.



Miu Miu


Bold Prints

Rag and Bone

Oscar de la Renta

The 70s

Marc Jacobs

My favorite designer is John Galliano, and he did not disappoint for Spring. His fashion shows are always over the top and fabulous, and most importantly, they always tell a story. He thinks way outside the box, outside of this universe really. So, it is no surprise he is not really following the trends (maybe a bit of the bold prints in a few pieces).

WWD online gave us the details of his collection "framed by the tale of Mari Lani, an aspiring actress living in Paris during the late 1920s, who convinced Matisse, Cocteau and Chagall among other of-the-moment artists to paint her portrait, promising that the works would be featured in her upcoming film. Once her collection was complete, she sold it, took the cash and shipped out for the States. The film was, and always had been, pure fiction." Yummy!

Isn't Galliano's collection amazing? The models look like flapper dolls emerging from their cocoons!

A far as which trends I love, I think I will be rocking the bold prints and the 70s look, maybe even at the same time, heee heee.

Well, enough Spring dreaming, I need to learn to enjoy this Winter snow!



  1. Ok I knew green was going to be a color because I was listening to NPR and some people were talking about the process of making a T-shirt and they decided talking to fashion people that it would be green since it was coming out in fall. They're going to have one of those block things the Iphone app uses so you can read it and it gives you the details on how the shirt was made.

    Out of the photos I liked the 2nd 70's dress. I'd actually wear that.

  2. OMG Galliano is really good I love it too :)...those minimalism pieces are lovely Im really digging BGBC look...Id have to say Gallianos last piece is my fav too and the makeup that they have dramatic :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Galliano has a gorgeous collection!! I'm loving the 70s style for the spring. So much fun. Thanks so much for your super sweet comment & for the follow!! I really appreciate it, and am glad to have you! I am following back :)

    Kirstin Marie

  4. I am so loving all of the 70's inspiration that was all over the runways this season!! Love the Marc Jacobs collection!!


  5. I love the Oscar de la Renta dress! :)

  6. These looks are incredible! I love spring too, cant wait for some color:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. Did I ever tell you that I am so jealous that you live in Tennessee?? It is one of my most favorite places!! My fiance and I are always dreaming of living there one day. His family lives there, and we have vacationed there a few times, but to live there would be fabulous.


  8. I'm really loving the color of that Miu Miu!

  9. @Kirstin-If you love TN, check out my blog posts the next few weeks. My hubby, inlaws and I spent the day in Nashville! I miss Florida, but the season here are lovely!

    @Erica-thanks for the comment! I am really loving your blog lately :)

  10. I am so not a minimalist, but I can definitely understand the attraction to the top looks. I adore the vibrant colors in the Marc Jacobs gown! This is fun to dream of spring/summer!


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