Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Nugget of the Day: Gray Skinnies

It is freezing here in TN! We woke up this morning to a gorgeous blanket of snow, and SUNNY SKIES! It has been nothing but gray gloom and doom for the past few weeks, so this is a nice change.

I may not love gray skies, but I do love the gray skinny jeans I picked up at Ross on a shopping trip with Aron's Mom.

Jeans: Ross, can't remember the brand :)

Top: Ross, Jones of New York

Necklace: Evans

Shoes: Me Too from TJ Maxx

I have been a little leery of light denim, afraid it would make my thighs a tad, well, hammy (as in a ham). No, I have no idea how thighs can actually look like a ham, but I digress. I let my bullshit insecurities roll, and decided to purchase the jeans. I think they look fine, thick thighs and all!

I love the stripe, boatneck top. I know vertical stripes and boatnecks are supposed to be "unflattering" for curvy girls, but I tend to think that is bullshit as well. You just have to find the right cut and length, and everything works out fine!

Well ladies, I have to go pack about 50 website/eBay orders! Wish me luck, and have a Fabulous Friday!



  1. I think your gray skinny jeans look smashing! It's such a fresh, funky cool color! Definitely a little edgier than the traditional blue!

  2. I like the gray jeans too. I usually go for the darkest blue I can find too!
    I'm also happy for the sun today. Yesterday's gray skies were bringing me down.

  3. @Vanessa-thanks so much! I am loving the gray, at least in my denim :)

    @Melissa-Thanks :) So glad to see the sun checking in on us today, lol

  4. LOL um not hammy....rofl! You are so hot just acknowledge over your hotness woman! :)

  5. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my blog, great outfit. I am loving stripes at the mo, I wore a similar top this week.

    I hate snow, we had loads in the UK over Christmas, we're just not set up for it here, brings us to a standstill!


  6. These gray skinnies fit very well on you! Good buy indeed! I only have dark blue skinnies so i'll be on the lookout IF i ever find any.

  7. Those skinnies look great on you, Adrienne!! I thought that skinny pants would be unflattering on me at first, until I realized they are actually some of my most flattering pants!! Crazy!! Thanks so much for you sweet comment!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  8. Thank you Dee, I am loving these skinnies.

    Thanks Kirstin! I am a true skinny jeans and leggings convert, I really think they can be flattering!


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