Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fashion Nugget of the Day: Evans Review Part 1

I received my first Evans order in the mail yesterday, whoo hooo! 2 of the items worked for me, the other two pieces were a bit big/boxy.
Since is colder than a mutha outside, I decided to make the Ombre Knit Cardigan Coat the first item to review.

Sweater Coat: Evans
Bandage Skirt:
Pure Energy
Lola-Rocks Clothing
Reaction Kenneth Cole
Silver Shards Necklace:

Overall, I was very happy with my Evans order, especially this item. You can see the quality in Evans' clothing right away: nice fabric, cuts, and fit. This sweater is a bit long for me proportion-wise, so I paired it with heels. We'll see how long I keep the heels on before I switch to boots!

The coat is a bit overpowering for someone my height (5'5), but I think it is workable. You just have to have the confidence to rock it.

I also loooovved the silver shards necklace, very cute.

Later this week I will review the Evans Leaf Print Minidress. I tried this one on the minute it came in, and I fell in love with it. I might rock it for our New Years Eve bonfire party we are going to.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!



  1. The coat looks good but too cold for those shoes! You need some nice heeled boots ;)

  2. So the items were decent in size then? Love that coat!

  3. Melissa, I DO need heeled boots! Or at least a platform/wedge kind of thing.

    Yea Cristal the clothes are cut like REAL plus sizes, so it is fab.

  4. I really like the coat, looks great on you! Agreed, pair it with some nice heeled boots. :)

  5. Thanks Lynn! Yes, I am now on the lookout for heeled boots :)

  6. WOW! You are rockin' that coat!

  7. That gradient pattern is amazing and this looks so good with the solid black underneath.
    And your hair: I want your hair color!

  8. Oh, I just love that sweater! Thanks for following my blog. I'm following back :)


  9. Thank you Vanessa! I am loving your blog, it is so creative! Follow me back if ya don't mind :) By the way, hair color is Feria #74 :)

    Thanks Audrey, love your blog!


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