Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leopard and Beer

Hello Peeps,

Hope you all had a fab weekend! Mine was fairly awesome. It started Friday night at Becca's 25th birthday party at
The Flying Saucer in downtown Nashville. Too much beer was consumed, and spilled (courtesy if yours truly). But a fun time was had by all :)

I'm the redhead with her boobs hanging out-how lovely. I also wore heels that night, though there is no photographic evidence to support this fact. I cropped you out of the pic Tracy, as requested :)

We spent the rest of the weekend selling funny books at a comic show in Nashville. It was a pretty bland show, but we made some cash so it's ok. We also got to hang out with Ben and Tracy, which is always a blast. Tracy even bought me turtle earrings! She knows of my love of the "I like tut-les" Zombie Kid. Heck, she introduced me to that insanity!

Ok, so I have been thinking about Fall fashion trends to share. There are many trends to report on (military, lace, shearling, and so on), but I think I will choose leopard because it is by far my fave.

I have had a leopard obsession sine I was 14 years old, and my Mom gave me her 1960s faux fur leopard car coat. It is beyond cool, and when I get back down to a size 16, I am totally rocking that bitch. People say it takes balls to rock leopard, or animal prints in general. Really? I have always worn them, in good times (the above mentioned car coat), and bad (the unfortunate leopard print pants circa 2000). Here are some leopard pics of the moment:

ASOS Curve Leopard Pencil Dress

Too Fast Leopard Cardigan

Juicy Leopard Bag

Jessica Simpson Minas Boot

Torrid Leopard Jacket

I bought the above Torrid jacket on clearance a month or so ago. It is awesome, and is on clearance again, so go snatch one up!

Hope you all have a fab day!



  1. I love leopard!!


  2. You are bad ass, thats why you rock leapord! Loved the shoes:-)

  3. Yeah had fun. Did you enjoy the rest of the beer? ;)

    I like Zebra more than Leopard but Pencil Dress looks awesome.

  4. Lovin the leopard trend! <3



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