Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fashion Nugget of the Day: Fall is Here

Happy Weekend Peeps!
We are still in the process of house hunting, and the stress level is rising daily, lol. We decided to take a day and have some fun, so we headed to downtown Nashville.

I loved my cute yet comfy outfit:
Layering Tank: Faith 21
Skirt: Pure Energy
Shoes: Ross
Purse, Necklace, and Bangles: Target

We stopped first at the Farmers Market, and I was thrilled to see all the pumpkins and gourds on display! Ahhhh Fall is here :)

Love these tomato and corn bike racks, heee!


Then we headed to Centennial Park, they have an exact replica of the Parthenon! Craziness!

We didn't really check out the Parthenon, but decided to walk around the park and visit with nature, lol.

Rad Tree

Me in the garden

Well, I have tons to do today :( I hope you are all having a fab and relaxing Sunday!


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  1. You should check out the Parthenon. They have a recreation of the statue of Athena and it's massive!


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