Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello Peeps,

I need to take about 1000 pics for eBay today, and I have soooo much packing to do for my FL trip on Wednesday, it is re-dunk-ulous. But, I have to get my bloggy-blog on so here we go.
Aron and I set up at Sukoshicon (an Anime Convention in Birmingham, AL) this Saturday. We did pretty well, and it was good times and all of that, but the Howard Johnson's sketched me out a bit. Attendees referred to it as the "Silent Hill"hotel.

Aron at our table. He just lurrrvveesss getting his pic taken :)

Me hiding from customers behind the books. My hair is a beast.

I read the last volume of Scott Pilgrim. I wish the movie had done well, it looks as amazing as the graphic novels.

I also read Peach Girl. I would say to myself "Self, WTF am I reading?", then continue on to the next volume.

I want my frickin' Anime!

Craptastic picture I took of the contest thingie. I totally FAILED at taking costume pictures.

This is the lobby of the Howard Johnson's. I love how there are three different floral patterns occupying one space.

Hope you all are having a fab Monday! Don't forget to enter our giveaway by August 24th!



  1. the worst thing about selling stuff is having to take the pics and write descriptions! Iused to love peach girl, do you read any other manga? x


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