Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HK Magic Eight Ball & Lola-Rocks Goodies

Hello Peeps,

I am working my tushie off today listing comics for my husbands store, Twisted Heroes. Though I am busy, I had to share the Hello Kitty Magic 8 ball Aron ordered for me from Diamond (his comic distributor). It is so frickin' cute!

My only disappointment is that the "answer cube" is not floating in liquid. Instead you push HK's bow and out pops the answer. It's pretty fabulous though, I must admit. I need to do a post on my HK collection, it is a bit insane :)

I finally made time to post the new items on These are a few of my favorite new items:

Raven Zipper Dress, sizes Small-Large, $15.99

This is the dress that my wholesaler mixed up last week. Well, they were awesome enough to send the correct dresses to me before they received my return items! I think that was very sweet of them :)

I love this hot little number! Cassie Cold Shoulder Dress, Sizes 1X-3X, $17.99

Mad Men Dress, Sizes Small-Large, $17.99

Chic Tunic Top, Sizes 1X-3X, $14.99

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I think I will blog about the new show On The Road with Austin and Santino! We are watching the first episode on demand right now. I love Santino Rice, cracked me up hardcore on Project Runway Season 2.

Night Night!

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