Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seven Samurai,Good Friends,and Rad Food

Hello Peeps,

Aron and I had a great day yesterday with friends in downtown Nashville! I started off the day with some fashion pics, of course!

I decided to wear super comfy dress from Old Navy. I picked it up online for only $10! My only complaint with Old Navy is their sizing, especially when I try to sneak into Misses sizes, heee heee. They run soooo large! This one actually was my true size, XXL. Shoes purchased for $13 from Ross. As you can tell, I don't like to spend a lot on clothing :)

I made my sweet Aron get in on the picture action as well. Isn't he a cutie? He just luurrrrvveesss having his picture taken!

Our plans for Saturday were to meet Ben and Tracy at Boscos for a quick lunch, then head over to the Belcourt Theatre to see Seven Samurai. Aron and I had never seen it, but Ben and Tracy said it was a must see!

Here is a pic I snapped of Ben and Tracy at Boscos. We met them at Adventure Con in Pigeon Forge a few months ago, and we have had great times hanging out with them this Summer! They run a t-shirt company called World of Strange, and carry some very cool designs. Check them out!

I have decided to start taking pics of fabulous food that we eat. Some people don't get the whole "taking pictures of food" thing, but oh well.....

Here is a pic of Ben and Tracy's yummy pizza......

Aron and I's Portabella Mushroom club with garlic and Parmesan fries.......YUM!

Ben and Tracy's Creme Brulee......

Our yummy Tiramisu...

We hopped over to the Belcourt to see the movie around noon. The Belcourt is a super rad historical theatre in downtown Nashville. It was built in the 1920s (when it was known as the Hillsborough Theatre). They now specialize in classic and art house films. They are showing Breathless next month, a film I have always wanted to see. Might have to drag Aron.....

The Seven Samurai was awesome! It is a long movie-around 4 hours-but it was worth it. Here is a clip if you are interested:

Here is another rad pic I took downtown, or a dragon mural done in the '90s.

After the movie we ended up at the Gerst Haus, a German restaurant, and had a few pitchers of Gerst Beer and some yum German food! Then back to our house where we ended up watching some funny stuff on You Tube. Must blog about that later!

Happy Sunday everyone! Mad Men premiere tonight, so excited!




  1. Whoo hoo what a fun day you had! That theatre sounds awesome I'll have to check it out.

  2. The pictures turned out great! Thanks for hangin' with us yesterday!

  3. Hi, love the dress! look forward to reading you! and thanks so much for your comments on my blog :)

    xx Anika


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