Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fashion Nuggets and Homebuying Stress

Good Afternoon Peeps,

Thought I'd stop by today and show off my Fashion Nugget of the day. In case you didn't know, I really love black and white stripes, as well the brands Torrid and Pure Energy :)

Needed a close up shot so I could capture the cool embellishment on the shoulders.

Top: Pure Energy

Skirt: Torrid Clearance

Shoes: Madden Girl, purchased 2 years ago :)

Stripes are not always the most figure flattering look, but sometimes you have to just wear what you love.

I also wanted to include a humorous picture of our backyard. Aron cut the front grass yesterday afternoon, but decided he was too tired to cut the back yard. He chose to write his initials in the grass instead.

We went to talk to our credit union about a home loan this morning. Very scary, grownup stuff for us! Turns out they don't offer FHA loans, which are much more flexible, and require excellent credit. (And I do mean excellent). It turns out our credit is very good, but just short of meeting their program requirements at this time. So.....we would have to put down 20% on a house. Ummmm.....who has 20% to put down on a house? I guess some people do. She referred us out to another lender who should be able to help us. I am going to wait until tomorrow to call him, delay the stressfulness a bit, hee hee.

We received the brown pencil skirts in yesterday, I will post the link to those later. My wholesaler in LA decided to send me the wrong dresses, so the black zipper dress is not in yet :( I am trying to work it out, but if we do get them in, it will be a couple of weeks. You might ask, what dress did they send you? A very high fashion, alien looking, black strapless dress. It is rad as hell, but I am not sure it will sell. I will post a pic later today and get your opinion.

Well, I am off to Wal-mart as we are out of food. Ugghhhh....Wal-mart.



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