Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Break From Cleaning the House.... the story of my birdie Kiwi

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I am taking a break from cleaning. I need to psyche myself up before I clean toilets and vacuum 5 pounds of cat hair off the sofa. Also, our bird Kiwi is screaming, for no apparent reason, so.......yeaaaaaa. Have you met Kiwi? He goes by several different aliases: Weester, Weester Bird, Wee Wee, Weester Maneester, and so on. Here is a picture of his loveliness:

He looks so peaceful and calm in this picture, doesn't he? Well, he isn't. He is a feisty, gorgeous, Australian Red Rump Parakeet. He is at least 12 years old. My friend Sommer gave him to me back in 1999. She was pregnant and living with her husband in a small condo with too many pets, so one day Weester went home with me. I swear, this bird has been with me through everything. He even lived with my Mom for a while.

Sommer told me that she rescued Kiwi from a lady who was abusing him by not giving him food and water. What in the hell is wrong with people? So, needless to say, Kiwi has some issues. He won't leave his cage. In my opinion, he thinks the outside world is just an extension of his cage. I have to wash his cage out with him inside of it!

Kiwi also likes to make the sound of screeching brakes, which is lovely. He hates cups, glasses, and telephones; basically anything you raise to your head. He makes a bizarre noise like a rattlesnake when you drink a glass of water.

Kiwi used to have a friend called a Bird Buddy. It was a soft little green felt thing attached to the inside of his cage. He liked to snuggle up to it at night, and attack it during the day, especially when I walked into the room. He thought I was jealous of the Bird Buddy, and would go out of his way to attack it whenever I glanced at his cage.

Well, one day I hear Kiwi in the bedroom making a strange, desperate noise. I walk in, and see that his claw is tangled in his Buddy and he can't remove it. I unhook the Buddy from the cage, and think that maybe Kiwi will figure out how to free himself. Ummmm, no. He decides to lay, face down, on the bottom of the cage-the Buddy still attached to his foot-and give up. I am panicking, so Aron helps me out. I hold my tiny fragile bird and Aron removes the Buddy from his claw. Weester appears not to have been too traumatized by the incident, but the Buddy is no more.

Well, back to my cleaning duties. Some actual fashion stuff later :) Weester says bye-bye. Do you see why they call them Red Rump Parakeets?



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  1. Awww I am so glad you took a pic, I was wondering1 He is cute too!


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